• Light intensity

>80,000 lux

  • Light source weight


  • LED color temp


  • Spot size diameter at 350mm


  • LED operating life


  • PowerPack weight


  • PowerPack run time (at highest intensity)


  • PowerPack life time

>500 recharge cycles

  • Charge time


  • Filter

>Build-in Composite

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Product Description


Orchid-F is the first of its kind in the international market – its unique feature is the built-in yellow filter which prevents composite hardening. The filter is easily deployed by pressing a button located on the battery pack.


  1. Lightweight – powerful illumination at a featherweight. Both the headlight on the loupes and the battery pack are streamlined for minimal weight and to support comfortable use throughout the day.
  2. Ergonomic configuration – In addition to making sure the Orchid is lightweight, we migrated the control buttons to the top of the battery pack for easy access, mid-procedure.
  3. Plug and play – unplug the headlight from the depleted battery pack and plug into the charged one and you are good to go. All our Orchid models come with 2 batteries per set so you can always have one that is fully charged.
  4. Compatible with most loupe frames, including those of other providers.


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