• Light intensity

>55,000 lx

  • Total weight


  • LED color temp


  • Spot size diameter at

35mm 60mm

  • LED operating life


  • Battery run time


  • Battery life time

>500 recharge cycles

  • Charge time

1.5 hour

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Product Description

Introducing the all-new Butterfly-S. A Stronger cordless LED headlight. Butterfly-S attach directly to the loupes.

ADMETEC’s expert design engineers provided a solution so that the weight of the light pack is distributed evenly across the frame’s bridge, thus reducing the pressure on the physician’s nose.

Employing advanced technologies and control measures ensures that the intensity of the light in ADMETEC’s Butterfly-S model remains uniform even as the battery is being depleted. Changing batteries and restarting the light can be managed easily and swiftly, even during a surgical procedure.

The Butterfly model can be adjusted to the loupes of the most leading brands.
The Butterfly pack includes a light source, 3 batteries, a charger and a yellow flip-up curing filter.


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