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Admetec’s revolutionary ergonomic loupes reinvent the concept of the declination angle, with deflection loupes technology that makes it no longer necessary to look down and bend over in order to see close. Ergonomic loupes enable the practitioner to maintain a neutral upright position, eyes relaxed, looking straight ahead – as we naturally do for most of our waking hours. Back, neck, and eye strain are reduced, protecting the health and wellbeing of the practitioner, and enabling more efficient work, thus also benefitting the patient.

Admetec’s Ergo loupes series offers an unparalleled combination of magnification potential and user comfort. Customized to each individual wearer through a multi-factor process, the loupes’ precision vision and exceedingly light weight helps healthcare practitioners work more comfortably and effectively for extended periods of time, maximizing concentration by minimizing physical discomfort.

Admetec’s innovative product design manages to retain exceptionally low weights even in the loupes with the largest of magnifications. Ergo 10x, with its large oculars, weighs just 52g.

Ergo loupes are available in six different levels of magnification: 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7.5x and 10x.

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