Xgo Advanced Retails MAP Solutions

Xgo™ MA/MH retail packaging solutions rev up consumers demand by displaying fresher, more
appealing produce in convenient, attractive, easy-to-identify and easy-to-handle packaging.
All Xgo products are characterized by excellent condensation control and are customized
to provide optimal modified atmosphere conditions for the prevailing temperature-time
profiles. All Xgo products can be printed with up to 8 colors.


Product Description

Xgo Preformed Bags
High-performance, pre-formed flexible
packaging solutions for manual packing, with
or without wicket & gusset; Various film
structures with different WVTR properties.

Xgo Flow Pack
Roll stock film for automated packing
processes; Various film structures with
different WVTR properties.

Xgo Lidding Film
Customized solutions for different types of
produce packed in PET or PP trays; Film
structures with several WVTR properties are
available for PET trays. Resealable lidding
film is available (for PET trays only).

Xgo Standing Pouch
Cleverly engineered to provide extended shelf
life in a convenient, attractive Grab-N-Go
retail packaging format with ziplock. Excellent
film clarity and condensation control.

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