Welcome to Haitech Group

Haitech Medical Solutions is a leading company in innovation and high quality products in the Dental field.

We work with the world’s leaders and deliver high quality dental equipment and products to Products to the dentists of India directly and through our network of quality conscious sub-dealers who are spread throughout the country.


Stepac Xtend®-Pioneers in Freshness Technology

Stepac designs and manufactures special packaging that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The package controls the amount of O2 and CO2 within it, hence slowing down the respiration rate of the produce, and inhibiting pathogens like fungus and bacteria due to the high level of CO2.

Xtend packaging is tailor-made for each specific vegetable, fruit or herb ensuring extended shelf life whilst maintaining produce freshness, taste and nutritional value.

Evenproducts–Modular water tanks from Galvanized steel

Evenproducts have been manufacturing galvanized steel modular water tanks for almost 4 decades. Sold all over the world with a proven quality track record, we’re able to supply customized solutions in terms of diameter, height, applications and accessories to numerous water storage requirements:

Agriculture, Horticulture, Rainwater harvesting, Humanitarian aid, Dust suppression (quarries), Gold and Leisure, Fisheries and more.

MOST –Advanced Real-Time cargo monitoring solution

MOST is an advanced monitoring unit that gives you real-time updates on the condition of your cargo including: Temperature monitoring, Humidity monitoring, cargo location, cargo shock and even light!

Track your shipment and your goods in real time from everywhere with MOST.